A sufficiently desperate amaglamated waffle sorter (kd7sov) wrote in adepts_gs,
A sufficiently desperate amaglamated waffle sorter

Golden Sims

I don't know how many of you may be interested in the Sims series, but I recently got my hands on a copy of The Sims 2 and have been making Golden Sun characters in it. A brief chronicle of my adventures to date can be found over here.
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Hey, what expansions have you got? If you want, I could try cracking open Body Shop and making some outfits for you. (I can't mesh, but I'm pretty okay at recoloring things)
I have Double Deluxe, which has the base game and Nightlife and the... Celebration stuff pack, I think it is? And then I also bought FreeTime.

One thing there doesn't seem to be much of, in either the game itself or the meshes people have made, is loose clothes like Sheba's or Mia's outfits. I suppose there might be some in the outerwear category, but I don't have Seasons at the moment. Though I'm debating whether to get that or Open for Business next...
I personally got Seasons first, and I'm not sure what if anything I use from OFB, but that might just be my play style talking. I got most of my expansions and stuff packs from Half-Price Books for between five and ten bucks apiece, so if money's an issue you could try that?

Though, I don't think there's anything great for Sheba or Mia in either of those packs, either. The OFB tunic tops are too sleeveless for Sheba, and I don't think any of the expansions/stuffs have sufficiently full dresses for Mia, so she would probably need something custom-ish. I can look around, though. Maybe if I'm trying to provide for someone else I can work up something, I have zero work-ethic when it comes to just me.