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Golden Sun Fandom History Survey

Hello, adepts_gs! How are all you lovely people? I come bearing a survey which I would love to have you all fill out. Your input would be much appreciated, as I'm hoping to put together a fandom history of sorts for Golden Sun Universe, our fandom's wiki. We want to expand the fandom articles there, and this is the starting point for that. It's nothing hard, just some simple questions, and you get to talk about yourself, which everyone loves to do (I know because I do too). Please just answer the questions as best you can, and if you have any extra information you want to share, well, there's a space for that too! Thanks in advance for your help!

When did you first get into the Golden Sun series?
Which GS game did you play first?
When did you first start seeking out the fan community in any form?
If you contributed any fanworks, when did you start doing so?
Every fandom has its memorable figures; whom do you remember, and in what time periods(s) were they active?
How much did/does shipping matter and what did/do you ship?
List any and all GS fansites you went to and where you go now.
Which fansite was/is your main one?
What are your thoughts on Dark Dawn?
Which GS game is your favorite?
Which is your favorite out of the first two?
Which element is your favorite?
Which Adept is your favorite?
Is there anything else fandom-related you'd like to share?
Would you be willing to participate in further surveys on this subject?
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