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The use of Psynergy

Golden Sun
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Golden Sun
This is a community for lovers of "Golden Sun" and "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" for Game boy advance.

1. Play nice. No swearing at each other or flaming anyone's posts. Constructive criticism is awesome, but any absolute ripping apart of things that people have done is a sign for us to kick you out.

2. Meeting people is wonderful and asking to be added in people's comments is totally cool. But, it'd be wonderful if posts saying "Add me please," were not made. If you're looking for friends... addmeplease is a cool place to meet new people.

3. If you're posting a giant picture or long fanfic please use the lj-cut. If you don't know what that is... it's *lj-cut text="More..."* but replace the stars with < and >. Why? Well, some people are on really slow dial up and it clogs Friends pages.

4. If you're posting lemons or something that people might feel uncomfortable reading about or might be embarrassed seeing at work by accident - please use the cut.

5. This is not eBay. If you are trying to sell something, Please use another community, unless it is related to Golden Sun.

6. Yaoi, shounen ai, yuri, shoujo ai, and related topics are allowed, but please use the cut. Some people are offended by it/scared of it. I have nothing against them, and I'd like for everyone to be on good terms in this community.

Moderators: witherlessroses, dracobolt, and hisenshi