Amy Lynn (dracobolt) wrote in adepts_gs,
Amy Lynn

Third Annual Belinsk Arts Festival!

Golden Sun fansite The Temple of Kraden is proud to announce the third annual Belinsk Arts Festival, a celebration of fannish creativity. Hosted on the Temple's forum, the festival offers contests for all kinds of creative arts, as well as programming such as user-run panels, Skype-based concerts and poetry readings, and spotlights of individual creative works.

After two successful years, we would like to open the festival to our friends in other parts of the Golden Sun fandom. Contests will be announced in June, and July will see the opening of the festival proper. All that is needed is a forum account on the Temple. We hope to see new friends join us this year to celebrate the game series we all love and to challenge our creative boundaries. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please visit us at the Temple, or drop a comment on this entry.
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