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The Third Annual Kradenmas Fic Writing Contest!

Hey all you fic writers! I'm here to announce the Third Annual Kradenmas Fic Writing Contest! The Temple of Kraden is hosting this competition, as we've done for two years running, and it always promises to be a good time.

- Write a GS-themed or Templeverse-themed* fanfiction
- Submit it to contest runner Tartan no later than Kradenmas Eve at midnight (12/24)
- The fic must take place during winter. It need not concern itself directly with Kradenmas, but explicitly Kradenmas-oriented fanfictions are welcome and encouraged
- There is no minimum or maximum length limit. Poetry is welcome as well. Entries are to be sent to Tartan's PM inbox.

*Templeverse relates to a version of Weyard tailored for Temple fan projects. No one not familiar with it needs worry; just write about the canon characters, and you're fine.

If anyone has any questions, just post here or at the Temple. You do need an account there, but it's free and simple to register, and we don't require you to have a minimum of posts or anything to enter the contest.
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