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118 Icons. ...Yes, seriously.

So I should have posted this like two weeks ago but life likes to get in my way like that...

Anyway, while on a huge Golden Sun high after beating Dark Dawn I ran around collecting fanart and made a ton of icons. They're in a really big icon post, but that's mostly because there are so many of these XD

Golden Sun [x118]
Agatio [x1]
Agatio & Karst [x1]
Alex [x9]
Amiti [x19]
Amiti & Eoleo [x1]
Djinni [x3]
Eoleo [x1]
Eoleo & Matthew [x1]
Felix [x7]
Felix & Sheba [x3]
Garet [x4]
Garet & Jenna [x1]
Himi [x3]
Isaac [x8]
Isaac & Saturos [x1]
Ivan [x7]
Jenna [x3]
Karis [x1]
Matthew [x9]
Matthew & Isaac [x2]
Matthew & Sveta [x2]
Mia [x6]
Mia & Piers [x1]
Nowell [x1]
Nowell & Rief [x1]
Piers [x5]
Rief [x4]
Saturos & Menardi [x1]
Sheba [x4]
Sveta [x7]
Tyrell [x1]


( Follow the fake cut )
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