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Hey everyone., I'm Bard. I have been a huge fan of Golden Sun since 05 when the original came out. Currently I am playing Dark Dawn which I just got last week for a Christmas present. I love many of characters including Amiti. I kind wanna ship him with everyone mostly with Rief. Because for some reason I think they make the fucking cutest couple ever I swear. Amiti/Baghi/Rief threesome is totally cool

I haven't beat the game yet. So I have no idea who Amiti's baby-daddy is. I wanna say Piers. I don't wanna say Alex because to me that's just to damn predicable. Also I wanna see Grownup!Ivan. I adored him in GS and GS lost age. He was flipping adorable.
I hope to meet new friends and do some RP I am actually interested in some IM OC Rp <3
Tags: fandom, introduction, shipping
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